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All items are made to order.


Additional toppings/toppers added will cost extra.

Regular Size - Basic

start from $3.50 each

Regular Size - Flavored

start from $4.50 each

Mini Size

start from $1.50 each

Chocolate Eclairs

$6 each


Individual Tiramisu Dessert

$6.50 each


Mini Chocolate Lava cakes

$6.50 each

French Macarons

(6 basic multi-flavored pack)

$15 per packet

Mousse Cups (Chocolate or Mango)

$6 each (5oz cup) (minimum 4 of each flavour)

Cake in a cup

$6 each (10oz cup) (minimum 4 of each flavor)

Sweet Yogurt Cups (Mithoo Dahi)

$7 each (minimum 4)

Christmas Fruit cake (6”)

Rum Infused - $50 each

Non-alcoholic - $35 each


Chocolate Shoe (empty)

$20 each

White  Chocolate Shoe (empty)

$30 each

Chocolate Shot Glasses (empty)

$3.50 each (minimum 4)


White Chocolate Shot Glasses (empty)

$4.50 each (minimum 4)

Portuguese Tarts

$2.50 each


Butter Biscuits (Batasas) (2 dozen packet)

$12 per packet

Mava (Milk Solids) cake (minimum1 dozen)

$42 per dozen

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